Water & Sewer

The second and last increase in the water/sewer bills has gone into effect. The increases were due to improvements that need to be done to the Village’s aging sewer system. Those increases will be used to repay an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, (IEPA) Revolving fund loan. Our first application for a Department of Commerce and Community Affairs DCEO grant was denied but the Village will reapply for the grant in the spring of 2012. Monies from the increased rates will be set aside in a special account to save for repaying the IEPA loan. The first project will be to replace the Market St. lift station. The lift station is used to assist in sending sewer line contents on its way to the sewer plant on W. Kimball St. If the pump in the lift station fails, sewer back up will occur. The other project to follow close on the heels of the lift station will be replacing parts of the Sewer Plant Aeration system. Failure of parts of that system could result in huge IEPA fines. Information on the proposed projects is on file at the Village Clerk’s office and is available to residents during normal business hours.

UTILITY CLERK/COLLECTOR: Anna Wetzell is the Village Utility Clerk/Collector. All matters concerning Village Utility Bills will be handled by Anna at Tampico Village Hall, 202 W 2nd St., Tampico, IL 61283. Her office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM. All utility bill payments, service charges, or other fees will be accepted by mail or in person at Tampico Village Hall on the above days and times. Payments made in person MUST be made by check, money order or EXACT CASH. PLEASE BRING YOUR BILL STUB WITH YOU WHEN MAKING PAYMENTS IN PERSON.

YOUR CHECK: Please make your checks or money orders payable to: Village of Tampico.

MAILING YOUR PAYMENT: If you choose to mail your payment, please return the bill stub and address the envelope as follows: Village of Tampico, Utilities Clerk, P.O. Box 219, Tampico, IL 61283-0219. Your payment by mail will be considered “PAID” as of the date it is received by the Utility Clerk/Collector, not by the check date or envelope postmark. This is important to remember, especially when payments are mailed near the end of the month. PLEASE INCLUDE THE STUB FROM YOUR BILL WHEN PAYING BY MAIL.

PREVIOUS UNPAID BILLS: If your current bill includes a previous amount as unpaid, and you have paid that bill in the past 3 or 4 days, please disregard that portion and pay only the current charges. There can be a difference of a few days from the day you pay your bill and the day the Utility Clerk/Collector receives the payment by mail and credits it to your account.

BILLING: Bills issued on the 5th day of each month are for utility services furnished in the previous month. The utility bills are mailed out by the Village Utility Clerk/Collector by the 5th of each month. The owner of the premises, occupant, and user of the service are jointly and severally liable for all charges.

DUE DATE: All utility bills shall be paid monthly and are due on the last day of the month. A 10% penalty shall be added to all bills not paid by the last day of the month.

DELINQUENT BILLS: Any bill not paid within 15 days after the last day of the month is delinquent. Service shall be discontinued, and service shall not be reinstated until all claims are settled. A fee of $20.00 shall be paid to reinstate such service, in addition to any penalties that may be due.

TURN-ON FEES: All new users locating or residents relocating in the Village are required to complete a “New Resident Registration Form”. A Service Deposit of $40.00 will be due for turning on the water service for a new user who is the owner of the property to be serviced. The owner of the property shall be liable for all charges to the account. A Service Deposit of $75.00 will be due for turning on the water service for a new user who is the renter of the property to be serviced. The renter, occupier, & owner of the property are jointly and severally liable for all charges to the account. The service deposit shall be refunded to the payer of the water and sewer service deposit upon termination of service, less any outstanding water and sewer service charges. There shall be imposed a charge of $20.00 for turn-on of water service for all existing users. There is a $5.00 charge for transferring the water and sewer service to the subsequent user.

MOVING? Please inform us if you plan to move. Remember, you will continue to be billed for the utility service at that address unless we are notified that you are no longer the user.

NEED SERVICE? Please direct all requests for utility service and any questions concerning billing to Anna Wetzell, Village Utilities Clerk/Collector on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays from 9 Am to 1 PM or by phoning Tampico Village Hall at 438-2505 on those days and times.

Derrick Maupin
Water, Sewer & Garbage/Recycling Commissioner

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