Garbage/Recycling Service


Republic Services of Dixon, IL, is the hauler for the collection of residential solid waste (garbage) for the Village of Tampico. This program is combined with the recycling program and is known as “Garbage/Recycling Service”. The Village Council has determined that the public health, safety, morals, and welfare will be better served by instituting such a program.

“GARBAGE” is defined as all animal & vegetable matter from handling, preparation, cooking, consumption, storage, decay, or decomposition of food (meats, fish, fowl, fruits, grains) and/or any other animal or vegetable matter whatsoever subject to decay which may putrefy or generate noxious or offensive odors, be a food source for rodents, or may be a breeding or feeding place for insects of vermin, and shall include all dead animals of less than 20 pounds in weight; except yard waste, construction debris, bulky waste, rubbish, stable matter, and hazardous waste. “RECYCLABLE MATERIALS” means newsprint, glass, certain household metals, certain plastics and other materials as determined by the Village of Tampico and its contractor.

Garbage will be picked up at curbside each Friday. Bags and containers shall not exceed 30 gallons in size nor weigh more than 50 pounds when filled. Garbage should be placed at the curbside by 6 AM. There is no limit to the amount of garbage (see above definition) that may be set out for pickup.

Recyclables will be picked up at curbside each Friday. Your bin should be placed at curbside before 6 AM. There is no limit to the amount of recyclables (see above definition) that may be set out for pickup. If you need to replace your recycling bin due to loss or damage, contact Tampico Village Hall.


  • Plastics numbered #1 to #6.
  • Any paper that comes with the newspaper can be recycled. Also: paperboard, telephone books, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, notebook paper, and paper grocery bags.
  • All cardboard needs to be flattened and smaller that 3’x3’.
  • If extra room is needed for paper products, you may use a paper grocery bag and place it near your recycle bin. You may also bundle newspaper or cardboard with twine or string and place next to bin.
  • Clear, green and brown bottles will be accepted.
  • All beverage and food cans (aluminum, steel, and be-metal) are acceptable.

NOTE: If there is a holiday on Friday or a holiday during the week, garbage will be picked up on Saturday. Remember to set your recycling bin & garbage out before 6 AM. Call 438-2505 if you have questions about the pick-up day.

The charge for the above services will appear on your monthly water & sewer utility bill sent out by the Tampico Utility Clerk/Collector.


Bills for water, sewer, and garbage/recycling services are payable monthly and may be paid with one check or one cash payment to the Village of Tampico. Property owners and occupants are jointly liable to pay these charges. If charges for these services are not paid within 45 days after the rendition of the bill for such services, the account shall be considered delinquent. Delinquent accounts are assessed a penalty and may be subject to collection by a collection agency or a lien placed against the property.

New residents to the Village or residents relocating within the Village are required to register for water, sewer and garbage/recycling services with the Tampico Utility Clerk/Collector. A service deposit is required for all new utility accounts.


What is considered Yard Waste?

Grass clippings, leaves, dead flowers or weeds, and very small shrubbery trimmings are all considered Yard Waste and must be disposed of separately from garbage, according to State Law. Rocks, sod, earth, garden vegetables, and fruit are NOT considered Yard Waste.

How can I dispose of my Yard Waste?

The Village of Tampico has provided a location west of the Village limits on West Kimball Street (Hahnaman Road) at the site of the former sewage treatment plant. Enter the west gate on the south side of the road and dump the Yard Waste inside the picket-fenced area. ABSOLUTELY NO Garbage, NO PLASTIC BAGS, OR OTHER ITEMS MAY BE DUMPED IN THIS AREA!


What is the cost for this service?

The Village of Tampico is providing this service at no charge to residents. If the rules set forth for Yard Waste dumping at this location are followed, this program will continue indefinitely.

What are some other options to dispose of Yard Waste?

If you choose not to participate in our program, there are several other options for you:
1. You may transport your Yard Waste to the Whiteside County Compost Center in Morrison.
2. You may reuse Yard Waste on your own yard to save money and benefit your lawn.
3. Yard Waste can be burned. Check local regulations before burning.
4. Compost all Yard Waste in your own compost piles.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Yard Waste site may be closed from time to time. Please check with Tampico Village Hall if you have questions (438-2505).

Questions concerning the above may be directed to members of the Tampico Village Council or to Tampico Village Hall @ 438-2505.

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