October 3, 2017
7:00 PM
Reagan Community Center

Mayor Kristine L. Hill called the Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council to order at 7:00 PM.

Commissioners Robert Sigel, Scott Meier and Todd Tornow were present. Commissioner Derrick Maupin was absent. Police Chief Terry Strike and Assistant Clerk Jamie McIntire were also present. Village Clerk, Kathy Leathers, recorded the written and audio minutes. The meeting was also video recorded.

Mayor Hill led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Hill commented before getting to the minutes, she said our hearts go out to Las Vegas for all the First Responders, the victims and their families. They have our support and our prayers.

Minutes of the September 19, 2017 Regular Meeting were approved as presented. Commissioner Sigel said he felt bad for whoever had to type those minutes up. Assistant Clerk McIntire said it took her a while. Mayor Hill said that’s why most towns don’t do their minutes verbatim. Sigel said he likes seeing it, and kudos to McIntire. McIntire said thank you.

Reports of Village Officials
Mayor Hill said she has one thing for road and alleys. The Village is ordering signs saying this isn’t a through street for three alleys. Mayor Hill wasn’t for sure which ones, but she knows the one by Casey’s is one of them. There were several complaints about people just driving through. Mayor Hill said we’ll be getting the signs soon. Commissioner Sigel said there are also a few alley ways that he would also like to put some gravel on. Sigel said he’ll be getting with Superintendent Pierce about that and he’ll get with him about those signs too. Mayor Hill said if the Village has those signs up, we have a better chance of enforcing it, especially by Casey’s. Commissioner Meier said the alley right behind Casey’s. Mayor Hill said yes. They get some pretty good speed on that one. Sigel said ok, and he’ll get with Pierce this week. Mayor Hill said ok and the signs are getting ordered. Sigel said good. Mayor Hill said this is the alley directly behind Casey’s, not the road going towards the Mens Club. That is an actual road way. Mayor Hill said the concern is for the kids and the people backing out. This way we’ll have the signs if we choose to put them up, and they will be on that alley for sure. Mayor Hill said this has been an issue for quite some time. The police have no leg to stand on, other than the law. But then the people come back and say there was no sign. So it’ll be a good reminder.

Remarks from Guests
Village resident Kari Matthews said she would like to thank Kathy Leathers for always taking the time to speak to her son, Travis, when he’s having an issue. Matthews said her son had an issue last night while she was at work. She did not notify the police like she probably should have. Matthews said her son wanted to come and speak, and he spoke with Leathers and she reassured him that everything was taken care of. Matthews again said thank you very much to Leathers. Leathers said you’re welcome and that her son is a sweetie.

Unfinished Business
There was no Unfinished Business at this time.

New Business
Mayor Hill signed a proclamation declaring “October 2017 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month”. She said this is something she would definitely like to support.

The discussion turned to setting the 2017 Halloween Hours for the Village of Tampico. Mayor Hill said she forgets every year, but believes it’s usually 4:00pm to 7:00pm or 4:30pm to 7:00pm. She said it was 4:30pm to 7:00pm last year, and if there is trick or treating in the RCC gym again, that was 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Mayor Hill said if they choose to do that again this year, that will be fine. If there is bad weather, it gives the kids a chance to trick or treat indoors. Mayor Hill said its gone over well in the past, but she’s not sure who is in charge this year. She wasn’t sure if it would be Shirley Lester again or not. Commissioner Sigel said he knows he’s seen a diminish in kids coming by his house in the past few years. It’s dropped by about 70%. Mayor Hill said a lot like to go to the gym. Sigel said it’s really dropped off, and someone has to eat that candy so thanks a lot everybody. Mayor Hill said Sigel could always donate candy to the gym. Sigel said there you go. But you know, there use to be hay rack rides and sometimes up to 100 kids. But now it’s maybe 30. Mayor Hill said it depends a lot on the day and the weather. Sigel said the weather is a big issue. Mayor Hill said when she lived on Market Street they wouldn’t even go inside, they just stood outside. Sigel said he likes seeing all the kids costumes, it’s really cool. Clerk Leathers asked the Mayor if the hours will remain 4:30pm to 7:00pm on Tuesday, October 31st. Mayor Hill said yes. Sigel said he’s new to this so he has to asks questions so he can understand. At 7:00pm, if there are still kids out…Mayor Hill said Sigel will not be arrested if he leaves his light on. There are no candy police saying the light must go out. Some people turn their lights out much earlier too. Mayor Hill said this just gives a guide line and if there’s some rift raft running around, it’ll let Chief Strike say to the kids that it’s over. No motion is needed and the hours are set to 4:30pm to 7:00pm on Tuesday, October 31st.

The discussion turned to a possible approval of the Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Response Policy for Tampico Police Department Required by the State of Illinois. Mayor Hill asked if anyone had any questions on the policy. There was none. A motion to approve the policy was made by Commissioner Meier with a second by Commissioner Tornow. Clerk Leathers advised that there will be quite a few more of those policies coming through too, drug testing and officer involved shooting policies. “Yes” votes were Sigel, Meier, Tornow and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

The next item to discuss is a possible ordinance to Establish Regulation Regarding Engine Brakes and Compression Brakes. Mayor Hill said this dawned on her at about 3:00 in the morning last week when yet another truck came into town rattling all the way. This is to help Chief Strike for those trucks that do it quite frequently. And it would be nice to have something in place so we can curb it. Mayor Hill said she’s had several complaints over the years. It’s usually on Hahnaman Road and South of town. She’s also had people complain about it North of town. Some people might even hear them on the West end, Mayor Hill wasn’t sure. Commissioner Sigel asked if the Village would post signs for this. Mayor Hill said yes, it would have to be posted. And it will not go into effect until the signs are in place. Sigel said ok, and suggested 30 days after the signs are posted so everyone can get use to it. Mayor Hill said that would be up to Chief Strike. Chief Strike said when there is a new ordinance, people are usually given warnings the first couple of weeks. Sigel said that sounds fair. Mayor Hill said that’s up to the police discretion. Chief Strike said they try to give a courtesy call. Clerk Leathers said the ordinance can be approved at the next meeting. Mayor Hill said she thought we had everything. Leathers said she’d like to get back to discussing an ordinance before approving it. Mayor Hill said that’s fine. Leathers apologized and said that’s whats been coming through her office. Sigel said that way, if a guest shows up next week that has a different response to it, it gives them a chance to respond. Mayor Hill said ok.

There were no Building Permits to approve at this time.

Clerk Leathers advised that the Illinois Municipal League, they’re trying to push a bill through that’s going to make sure the State doesn’t take 2% of our Sales Tax. They compromised and suggested they only take 1%. They’re going to use that as a handling fee for collecting the Sales Tax and sending it to us. They want 2% of it. Hopefully they can get the compromise through at 1%

Clerk Leathers said the State is wanting to switch the way Municipalities do their audits. They want to switch to a Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAP. They want to make a statutory law. Leathers said a lot of Clerks / Treasurers are totally against that because what you’re going to do is project clear into another fiscal year when you’re making your own budget out. Instead of doing it on an actual cash basis, they want you to project ahead and Leathers doesn’t think that gives a very good indication of where our status is and what funds we have. It exaggerates the whole thing and you can’t really tell exactly where you’re standing. The Illinois Municipal League is fighting it, and so are the larger accounting firms in the state of Illinois.

Clerk Leathers asked if everyone remembered back when they said they overpaid us with the Replacement Tax. Mayor Hill said yes. Leathers said they’re not going to be taking money from us for that. They got it all ironed out and they’re going to leave it the way it is.

Bills were ordered paid on a motion by Commissioner Meier with a second by Commissioner Sigel. Mayor Hill asked if there were any questions. There were none. “Yes” votes were Sigel, Meier, Tornow and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:14 PM. The next Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council will be Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Reagan Community Center located at 202 W. Second Street.

Kathy A. Leathers

Kristine L. Hill


**These minutes are not official until signed, dated and sealed by the Village Clerk**

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