June 6, 2017
7:00 PM
Reagan Community Center

Mayor Kristine L. Hill called the Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council to order at 7:00 PM.

Commissioners Derrick Maupin, Robert Sigel, Scott Meier and Todd Tornow were present. Police Chief Terry Strike and Police Officer Brian Oostenryk were also present. Village Clerk, Kathy Leathers, recorded the written and audio minutes. The meeting was also video recorded.

Mayor Hill led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the May 2, 2017 Regular Meeting were approved as presented.
Mayor Hill made mention that typically, if their is discussion during the meeting that is not on the agenda and it’s not something the council acts on, and if you read what other villages and cities do, a lot of that discussion does not get included in the minutes. Commissioner Sigel said he thought it was pertinent so that’s why he spoke up about it. Mayor Hill said that’s fine, but it wasn’t like someone was trying to leave something out of the minutes. Sigel said he didn’t say that.

Minutes of the May 16, 2017 Regular Meeting were approved as presented.

Reports of Village Officials
Mayor Hill said she had a few things to discuss since she was unable to make it to the last meeting. Mayor Hill started with several thank yous. First she thanked Commander John Taets of the Village’s American Legion for donating a flag for Reagan Park, and just in time for Memorial Day. Mayor Hill then thanked Robbie McIntire for helping at the ball diamond. There have been several people helping him, but he’s really spear headed out there and made it look nice for the teams coming in, so Mayor Hill thought he should be thanked for that. Mayor Hill also wanted to thank Police Chief Terry Strike for stepping up. Because of all the rain, the Village couldn’t finish up the Arbor planting, so Chief Strike came in on his own time and spread out the rest of the mulch for the Village. And then Mayor Hill spoke on a very generous donation given by Jeff Hinton to the Villages parks. The Village is working with him to make sure how the money is spent and for what materials are needed. Mayor Hill thanked him for that. Mayor Hill said those are her thank yous and that she appreciates everything everyone does. She apologized if she left anyone out because she does not mean to do so.

Mayor Hill said she was contacted by Tirzah Renkes, informing her that she will not be able to organize the fishing derby this year during Tampico Days because of prior commitments. Renkes did reach out to the Boy Scouts but hasn’t heard back from them yet. Mayor Hill said if anyone is interested in volunteering to put on the fishing derby this year, Renkes is willing to help out, she just can’t run it. If anyone is interested, Mayor Hill has Renkes phone number to contact her.

Mayor Hill said since she was unable to attend the last meeting, she would like to welcome the new Commissioners. Mayor Hill said she does know how they both feel about her and hopes we’re here to help preserve the quality of life for the majority. Mayor Hill said she by no means professes to be a know it all, but she has learned a few things because she’s been around here for a little bit. Mayor Hill encourages the Commissioners to ask questions, or talk to herself or Clerk Leathers, and they’ll both try to help the best they can. Mayor Hill said her hope is that the board can put their differences aside and work together to do a good job for the sake of the Village.

Commissioner Maupin said Rob Naples was unable to field enough teams to get the basketball league running. Registration was too slow, so it’s not happening again this time around. Naples is hopeful that he’ll be able to try again, but he does not want to commit to a date or time. Maupin said we’ll see how it goes and he did tell Naples that he is open to trying again when ready.

Commissioner Maupin then began talking about the upcoming Yoga Classes to be given by Jennifer Sleeman. The target / tentative date for the Yoga classes to begin is June 21st. There will be a morning class that starts at 9:00 am and then an afternoon class that starts at 5:00 pm. Maupin said the idea will be to break it apart into two different age groups. The morning class will be for the older group and the evening class will be for the younger group. Pricing has not been finalized yet and Maupin said he’s open to any input. It was talked about having it somewhere in the $4 to $5 per class range. There is also the idea of doing punch cards for the classes. Maupin said it could be buy four classes and get the fifth free, or even buy five classes and get the sixth free, or something in that nature. The punch card would be presented at each class. Maupin said now everyone needs to get the word out and he’ll be working on getting some fliers made up. Mayor Hill said that sounds good.

Remarks from Guests
Village resident Al Morthland said at the last meeting, it was discussed why Mr. Strike is sitting at the table when he should be at the front door for security, because anyone who walks in here can step inside the door and take him out, then who’s left. Morthland said he should be sitting out at the front door entrance. Commissioner Maupin said that’s not what Morthland said at the last meeting. Last meeting he said he should be sitting at the meeting room’s door. Morthland said no he did not. Maupin said yes he did. Morthland asked Commissioner Sigel if he said the front door. Sigel said Morthland mentioned the front door and he mentioned the back of the room, but the first thing he said was the front door because that’s when Morthland asked the question to Sigel. Then Morthland mentioned the door in the meeting room. That was at the end. Morthland said the front door would be the best place and there is no reason for Strike to be at the head table. Mayor Hill asked Morthland if he had anything else. Morthland said he knows Mayor Hill doesn’t want to discuss this because she is the one who put him at the table. Mayor Hill said Chief Strike is apart of the council and it’s nice for him to be at the table. Morthland asked why he is apart of the council. Mayor Hill said that he is the Villages police chief and it’s good to have him at the table to answer questions and help out with the council.

Morthland then said, in case everyone hasn’t heard yet, the Methodist Church was robbed Saturday night. Mayor Hill asked Morthland if he had anything else. Morthland said nothing that concerns her, that’s all. Mayor Hill said thank you. Morthland said you’re welcome.

Unfinished Business
The meeting turned to the discussion of Approving Commissioner Duties and Department Assignments. Mayor Hill said that she has mentioned before that she feels Commissioner Meier has done his time and he is a first responder and Mayor Hill thinks Meier is very well qualified to handle the position of Public Health and Safety. Meier has been on the council for a couple years. Mayor Hill said she knows the police back him, as well as the EMT’s. Mayor Hill said this is no offense to Commissioner Sigel or his qualifications. Sigel said he’s glad Mayor Hill mentioned that and handed her a new resume and said he made additions that Mayor Hill might want to look at. Mayor Hill said her mind is pretty much made up. Sigel said he thought so. Mayor Hill said she appreciates it and down the road things may change, but right now she feels that position is best for Meier. Sigel said he can understand why she thinks that, but the thing is, in accordance with the State of Illinois Act, Sigel said he had it here some where…when someone is elected, they are elected for four years, or the two year term. Sigel said you are suppose to stay in that position. Mayor Hill said you can be appointed to other commissioner seats during that time. Sigel said you can be voted to the other seats, not appointed. Mayor Hill said it’s her recommendation and then the council votes. Mayor Hill also said she feels Commissioner Tornow would be best with the Water and Sewer because it is so closely tied with the recreation, and that’s something Tornow’s family has always been involved with. Mayor Hill feels that would be a good spot for Tornow as well. Mayor Hill said the council has to vote on things. Sigel said he understands that. Mayor Hill said the council has to work together. Sigel said the only two seats that are actually open were the two that were in the election. There’s not three seats or anything. Sigel said there are only two seats. Mayor Hill said she could of moved Commissioner Maupin too. Sigel said she can recommend to move Maupin and vote on it, but the council should only be voting on the two seats that are open. Mayor Hill said not necessarily. Clerk Leathers said any time there is an election, the departments have to be organized anew. Sigel said he never read that anywhere and asked that it be showed to him. Leathers said it’s in the Illinois Municipal League book. Sigel said that’s when the Village is electing four officials, not two because it’s short term. Those other two officials stay in their seat. Sigel said he and Tornow ran, wanting those two positions. Mayor Hill said they weren’t running for a position, they were running to be on the council. Sigel said they knew what positions were going to come open. Mayor Hill said all of them are open at that time and they can be reorganized. Sigel said either or, I tell you what, we’re not going to sit here and hash this out like this. Sigel said why don’t we vote on it. All the information has been given and the board members should be voting. Mayor Hill said that’s fine and she needed a motion and a second. A motion was made by Commissioner Meier and a second by Commissioner Maupin. Clerk Leathers said a motion has been made to Approve Commissioner of Accounts and Finances to Derrick Maupin, Commissioner of Public Health and Safety to Scott Meier, Commissioner of Public Property to Todd Tornow, Commissioner of Public Affairs to Kris Hill and Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements to Rob Sigel. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Meier and Mayor Hill. “No” votes were Sigel and Tornow. The motion was carried. Commissioner Sigel said there you go.

New Business
The council began discussing the 2016 CCR Report. Clerk Leathers said all the board members received a copy of the report and it will be published in the Prophetstown Echo this week. That is the standard procedure. Leathers said this comes out once a year. Public Works Superintendent Pierce reviews the report and makes sure everything lines up. Leathers said it must be delivered to the residence, and when you’re a town of our size, it’s allowed to be published in the newspaper. So that’s what the Village will have done this week.

Building permits issued by Zoning Administrator, Ron Kuepker, were 307 N. Main – new roof, windows, siding and doors, 501 W. Kimball – new roof on house and garage, and 127 S. Main – demolish of front building.

Clerk Leathers handed out to the council the question of the week from Ancel Glink. It explained having to complete the Open Meetings Act training.

Bills were ordered paid on a motion by Commissioner Maupin with a second by Commissioner Tornow. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Sigel, Meier, Tornow and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Mayor Hill asked if anyone had anything else to discuss. Commissioner Sigel said yes. Sigel asked Clerk Leathers if she ever gave that note to the lawyer or asked the lawyer to call him. Leathers said she gave Sigel’s message to the attorney, and he said that it was as she advised Sigel earlier in that day. Leathers said he does not want the whole council calling over there and that issues should be referred through her office or the Mayors office. Mayor Hill said it’s not filtering. There was an instance where the council had several people calling and when the bill came, the council wondered why it was so high, and there would be a lot of redundancy. Mayor Hill said sometimes council members will have the answers for questions from previous instances. Sigel said yes, but sometime he would like to talk to the attorney. Sigel said he thinks everyone can agree with him that if the Village is paying the lawyer’s bill, at the very least, a standing board member should be able to talk with him. Sigel said he asked Leathers to call him back about it. Mayor Hill said Sigel can send Leathers an email so everyone can stay on the same page. Leathers told Sigel she gave the attorney his message. Sigel said he knows she did, but he never got anything back. Sigel didn’t know if Leathers called or not and now here we are. It’s a big mystery then, and we don’t know. Leathers said Sigel told her he was going to stop back by the office. Sigel said ok, but the lawyer didn’t call Sigel so that’s why he was wondering. Sigel said here’s the issue, if he has something to ask the lawyer, he would like to speak with him himself. Sigel said he is a standing board member so he thinks he has the right to. Mayor Hill said the council is just asking that Sigel contact the Village office first. Sigel asked if the Mayor is asking him to do this or is the lawyer. Leathers said the attorney is and asked Sigel if he’d like that in writing. Sigel said he’s asking if he can call and talk with him himself because he is a standing board member. Mayor Hill said in some cases, it’s very possible. Commissioner Maupin said all that Mayor Hill and Leathers are asking is that Sigel goes through the Village office first, and they’ll decide if the request requires a phone call to the attorney. Sigel said they shouldn’t be the one deciding whether it’s important or not. Sigel said if the lawyer would call him, the lawyer can decide whether it’s important or not. Maupin said he decided it wasn’t. Sigel said he doesn’t know what he was going to ask. Sigel said he just asked to have the lawyer call him, that’s it. Commissioner Tornow asked if the Village is charged every time a phone call is made to the attorney. Mayor Hill said yes. Maupin said every lawyer will charge you for that. Tornow said bull. Mayor Hill said yes they do, they all do. Tornow said no they don’t. Mayor Hill said yes, they do. Sigel said if that’s his policy, maybe the Village should look into getting a different lawyer. Mayor Hill said she thinks Shirk has done a very good job for the Village and he’s very good with Municipal Law. Sigel said he’s just saying if a board member needs to talk to an official, who is getting paid by the city, he should have that option to do so. Mayor Hill said she’s not saying that. Leathers said she’ll ask Shirk to write something up for the council and pass that out to each of the board members. Sigel said he does know the lawyers number because it’s in the book. Leathers said Sigel is welcome to call. Sigel said there you go. Sigel then said if it’s something to do with the city, the city can be billed for it. Mayor Hill said it will be. Sigel said good, that’s the way it should be. Mayor Hill said all she’s saying, and Sigel said he knows what she’s saying. Sigel said this needs to be worked out and Mayor Hill agreed. Sigel said we should all have the right to do it. Not every day or every week. Sigel said he’s not getting carried away, but we’re standing board members. Mayor Hill said typically, she’ll contact Leathers and ask her to get a hold of Shirk with her question. Sigel said that’s fine. Mayor Hill said that’s what she does, that way there is only one person contacting him, keep it clean and getting questions answered. Sigel said that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but he wants to talk to the guy. Mayor Hill said the attorney finds it best this way. Leathers said the council will get an answer from Mr. Shirk. Sigel said you know, like he’s already stated, we’re the people paying his bill. Mayor Hill said we’re also responsible for not running that bill up. Sigel said you’re right. Mayor Hill said that’s what the Village is trying to avoid. Sigel said he gets it. Mayor Hill said the council will get a letter back from the attorney. Sigel said ok, that’s all he has.

The meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM. The next Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council will be Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Reagan Community Center located at 202 W. Second Street.

Kathy A. Leathers

Kristine L. Hill


**These minutes are not official until signed, dated and sealed by the Village Clerk**

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