7:00 PM
Reagan Community Center

Mayor Kristine L. Hill called the Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council to order at 7:00 PM.

Commissioners Bruce Hill, Scott Meier, Derrick Maupin and Phalen Vancil were present. Police Officer Brian Oostenryk was also present. Village Clerk, Kathy Leathers, recorded the written and audio minutes. The meeting was also video recorded.

Mayor Hill led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the April 4, 2017 Regular Meeting were approved as presented.

Susan Dean, Manager of Casey’s General Store #1304, was present to request renewal of their liquor license. Following a review of the application, Commissioner Vancil motioned, seconded by Commissioner Meier, that a Class E Liquor License No. 100-24 for Casey’s Retail Company, DBA Casey’s General Store #1304, 201 S. Main Street, be approved from May 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. The fee of $600.00 has been paid. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Larry Specht, representative for the Tampico Mens Club, was present to request a liquor license for the Tampico Days Celebration held on June 23, June 24 and June 25, 2017. After review Commissioner Meier motioned for approval of a Class C Liquor License No. 100-25, and it was seconded by Commissioner Hill. The fee of $5.00 has been paid. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

After review of a renewal liquor license application from the Kickback Saloon, Bonnie Anderson, Commissioner Maupin motioned, second by Commissioner Vancil, that a Class A Liquor License No. 100-26 for the Kickback Saloon, (Bonnie Anderson), 102 N. Main Street, be approved from May 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. The fee of $400.00 was paid. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Commissioner Hill motioned, Commissioner Meier seconded, that a Mechanical Amusement Device License No. T-98, for the Kickback Saloon, (Bonnie Anderson), 102 N. Main Street, to operate certain amusement devices from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018. The fee of $50.00 has been paid. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Reports of Village Officials
Mayor Hill reported that the tree trimming for the village is going very well. Public Works Superintendent Tom Pierce said the company is doing a good job and it looks good.

Commissioner Maupin spoke with Matt Hansen, Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc., and was told that the drawing for the water mains project are going well. There is progress being shown. Hansen told Maupin that he would like to set up a time to meet with the council and review everything.

Commissioner Vancil reported that the baseball program is doing well. There was a good number for sign ups, and it has been decided to split some teams with Prophetstown baseball program.

Commissioner Hill reminded those in the Village with golf carts to get their stickers renewed.

Remarks from Guests
Village Resident Rob Sigel made mention that himself and Todd Tornow will soon be on the council, and after looking at the Old and New Business on the Agenda, he suggested that anything that does not need to be passed or voted on to please wait until the new board took effect. Mayor Hill said the council still needs to take care of the business at hand. Sigel said he’d like a say so in anything happening in the next year, and that Tornow feels the same way. Mayor Hill thanked Sigel for his suggestion but said the council still needs to take care of the business at hand.

Village Resident Al Morthland asked who takes care of the flag at Reagan Park. Mayor Hill told him that the Village does and that the Village is more then willing to take donations from the Legion. Morthland said the Village should take care of it. Resident Sue Franks asked who oversees the Parks. Mayor Hill said currently, Commissioner Vancil.

Morthland then asked what happened to the eave spout out in front of the Reagan Community Building. Mayor Hill told him that every time it’s been bolted on, someone kicks it off.

Franks began asking about the new truck being considered for the Water / Sewer Department and asked if it was voted on. Mayor Hill said it’s on the Agenda to discuss for tonight’s meeting. Commissioner Maupin said that topic was tabled at the last meeting to be further discussed at this meeting. Franks asked if the Village is financially able to purchase a new truck. Franks said the trucks we have now have a lot of miles on them because they are allowed to be driven to and from home, as well as the police vehicles. Mayor Hill said a lot of companies offer vehicles to their employees so they are not accruing other costs. It would cost more to pay for call outs and to pay the employees for being on call. It could add up to a whole lot more than what the Village is paying now. This is a very small perk. Commissioner Hill said these employees don’t make that much as it is. Former Mayor Larry Specht said that when Public Works Superintendent Pierce was hired, part of what he was offered was use of the truck. Franks asked if he was also offered 100% payment of health insurance for him and his wife when he was hired. Specht said yes, there were two employees offered that. Franks said there is a lot more offered that now and doesn’t understand how the Village can afford it. Specht said the Village isn’t the only place of employment that offers that. Maupin said the Village can’t go back and take that benefit away. Franks asked if this was a verbal agreement. Mayor Hill said it can be found in past minutes. Commissioner Hill said that Police Chief Strike gets called out a whole lot as well. If he wasn’t allowed to take the police car home, he would have to drive from Prophetstown, while obeying the speed limit, get to Tampico to get the squad car then drive to wherever the call came from. That would eat up a lot of time. Officer Oostenryk said that if the squad cars stay in Tampico, the cell phone will also stay in Tampico so there would be no more call outs. People would have to call County and they could charge the Village for call outs.

Unfinished Business
Commissioner Hill motioned and Commissioner Meier seconded approving Ordinance No. O07-17-04-18 Appropriating Funds for Corporate Purposes for the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year be passed, approved and published in pamphlet form. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.The grand total of the appropriation is $1,040,809.35. The grand total of anticipated revenues is $1,229,156.00.

Discussion turned to the possible purchase of a new Utility truck for the Water / Sewer Department, which was tabled at the previous meeting. Mayor Hill said that Pierce is willing to continue using the older trucks but, with that said, buying this truck would be cheaper then going to a dealership and the Village won’t get much if they tried trading the older trucks in. Buying a newer truck would be cheaper then buying a used truck. Franks asked if payments would be made on the new truck. Mayor Hill said it would come off of this fiscal year and next fiscal year. Franks then asked how many payments would be made and for how long. Mayor Hill reminded Franks that there is a time for the public to speak. Commissioner Maupin and Meier said they are still against the idea of purchasing a new truck. Maupin said he would rather see that money go towards the Water / Sewer project. The vehicles value will only depreciate in time. Mayor Hill said if the Village keeps the vehicles on a rotation program and upgrades the equipment, the Village won’t have to
worry about everything failing all at once. Maupin agrees that vehicles will need updated, but there’s other ways to go about it. Commissioner Hill said that when you’re a Village, you don’t go looking for a used vehicle as a replacement. The Village needs to build itself up. Maupin said the truck that Pierce drives now runs just fine. Maupin agrees that the Village does need a plan to upgrade vehicles, but not by buying a new vehicle. Mayor Hill said Chevrolet came out with some really good prices at this point in time. Pierce asked if being against the new truck is a budget issue. Maupin said he’d rather have the Village sit on the money instead of spending it on something that’s not a current necessity. Commissioner Hill said the Village needs to keep going toward everything we’ve worked for. If the money doesn’t get spent when needed, the Village could lose out when it comes to grants because it doesn’t look like it’s needed. Maupin thinks that logic is flawed and sounds corrupt and that’s why no one likes the government. Mayor Hill said she agrees but unfortunately that’s the way it works. Maupin said it’s like we want the Village to purposely be broke, that way we can get more money from the government. Mayor Hill said until they come up with a whole new government, this is how it works. If the Village doesn’t stay in line with the system, it won’t be able to receive money to help pay for major projects. If the Village spends money where it’s needed, it’ll get rewarded and it makes no sense but that’s how the government works. Mayor Hill said Pierce looked into several different places, and this was the best offer. At the end of the discussion, the option to buy a new utility truck for the Water / Sewer department was removed from consideration. Mayor Hill does think the council should continue looking into options before getting desperate down the road.

New Business
A two year agreement with Police Chief Terry Strike was discussed. A motion was made by Commissioner Hill, second by Commissioner Maupin for the two year agreement from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2019. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

The discussion turned to the Formation of an Emergency Services Disaster Agency, (ESDA). Mayor Hill suggested tabling this topic for now because it’ll take a lot of work and energy to get something like this going. Maupin asked what the vision is for this idea. Officer Oostenryk said ESDA is for emergencies such as a flood, tornadoes, rioting or anything like that. ESDA acts similar to a Red Cross. It would be there to help as needed for things such as sand bagging, clean up, assisting people in need of housing, food, water, electricity and generators to name a few. It’s a mix of police, fire fighters, EMS and public works all in one, without the certifications. They are there to help. Sigel said he’s going to be helping coordinate a lot on the pipe line with the fire department with similar things. Mayor Hill said this can be tabled now and talked more on it in a later date. Maupin said it looks like a good idea. Leathers said Chief Strike would be a good resource because he has helped out with Prophetstown ESDA.

A $300.00 donation to Whiteside County Public Transportation was discussed and approved on a motion by Commissioner Vancil and a second by Commissioner Maupin. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Building permits issued by Zoning Administrator, Ron Kuepker, were 104 S. Fremont Street – New Roof and Rail on Deck.

Clerk Leathers said she spoke with Hometown Tech Solutions. Don Arshem from Freeport wrote the original accounting program for the Village. Arshem only charged the Village to do work once a year and when he would put in new upgrades, print off W-2s and much more. Now that the new company has taken over, they want to charge the Village $2,500 a year for a maintenance contract fee. They also want to charge per license, per computer, per user. The Village never has the company come down to do any work and every year there seems to be more issues with the computer program. Mayor Hill suggested shopping around for something different. Leathers said it’s going to be a lot of work switching to a new system. Mayor Hill said it will be worth it in the long run. Leathers said the auditors said they will help with it as much as they can. Maupin asked if the auditors would have any suggestions of better software. Leathers said yes, a couple. Sage is one that a lot of communities they work with use. Maupin is interested to see if they are changing the price structure, they’re probably going to match what the price structure is for the
existing companies. Mayor Hill said no, because it’s different. Leathers said she tried working with Quick Books, because the Village already has that program, but there is no way to make it work. There are too many companies and line items. The Village may have to do some negotiating and head in another direction.

A motion was made by Commissioner Vancil, seconded by Commissioner Maupin at 7:37 PM, to leave the regular meeting and go into a closed session to discuss the Appointment, Employment, Compensation, Discipline, Performance or Dismissal of Employees of the Public Body and Possible Action on Any Item Discussed in Closed Session as Allowed by 5 ILCS 120/1 and the Illinois Open Meetings Act. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hill, seconded by Commissioner Meier at 7:49 PM to leave the closed session portion of the meeting and return to the regular open meeting. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Commissioner Maupin, second by Commissioner Phalen to approve a 3% cost of living increase for Village employees Tom Pierce, Kathy Leathers and Peggy Hadaway. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

Discussion turned to hiring Bruce Hill on an “as needed basis”. Mayor Hill said Superintendent Pierce has requested having Hill on call for help when needed. Maupin said this is replacing an employee with set hours, to having one on an “as needed basis”. Sigel asked if Hill will have a set salary with benefits. Mayor Hill said no, Hill will be hourly and only work when needed. This will also save the Village a lot of money. Sigel asked if it’s legal for Hill to be in the same room when this was discussed among the council. Mayor Hill said that is fine for it to be discussed, but she and Commissioner Hill will not vote. Maupin said this isn’t on contract or a permanent position. A motion was made by Commissioner Vancil and second by Commissioner Maupin to hire Bruce Hill on an “as need basis” for $11.00 per hour, effective May 15, 2017. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Meier and Vancil. The motion carried.

Bills were ordered paid on a motion by Commissioner Maupin with a second by Commissioner Vancil. “Yes” votes were Maupin, Hill, Meier, Vancil and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:56 PM. The next Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council will be Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Reagan Community Center located at 202 W. Second Street.

Kathy A. Leathers

Kristine L. Hill

**These minutes are not official until signed, dated and sealed by the Village Clerk**

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