February 7, 2017

Reagan Community Center

Mayor Kristine L. Hill called the Regular Meeting of the Tampico Village Council to order at 7:00 PM.

Commissioners Bruce Hill and Scott Meier were present. Commissioner Derrick Maupin and Phalen Vancil was absent. Police Chief Terry Strike was in attendance and Village Clerk, Kathy Leathers, recorded the written and audio minutes. The meeting was also video recorded.

Mayor Hill led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes of the January 17, 2017 Regular Meeting were approved as presented.

Reports of Village Officials
Mayor Hill said they are looking into the sidewalk issue in front of the post office. It’s going to be more costly then anticipated, so we’ll be looking into different ways to approach it. Mayor Hill and Commissioner Meier are looking into ways to make it safer.

Remarks from Guests
Village resident Robert Sigel asked if the state could help with the costs with the sidewalk issue since it’s a state highway. Mayor Hill assured him that there is no money coming in from the state. She said they have talked about rolling it in with the Safe Routes to School project, but the whole approach with it being wide and up to the building, the whole elevation has to be re-graded and re-approached so it’ll run off properly. Mayor Hill said there are so many options that they have to look into. The village has talked with the state and they suggested we do concrete on the side of the sidewalk, and then slope it off toward the alley way. But the village will also have to look into the cost for that. Sigel mentioned that area being a pool, but Commissioner Meier told him that since they’ve cleaned the pit out, it’s draining much better by the post office. Mayor Hill said we’ll have to look into the cost for it all, because unfortunately we can’t hope for any grants or funding for it right now.

Unfinished Business
Mayor Hill told the council that she’d like to see something for review with the 2017-2018 Budget Worksheets for the next meeting. She will let the absent council members know.

The council learned there is no new information in regards to the Water Main Replacement Project. Thus far there haven’t been any problems or issues.

The council reviewed the 2015-2016 Annual Financial Report. Clerk Leathers said there are copies available in her office if anyone needs one. Clerk Leathers said a better run down could be found in the Treasurers Report.

New Business
Mayor Hill and the council began reviewing the Treasurers Report, and agreed the village is doing real well considering we didn’t get the funding that we were hoping for. Clerk Leathers said the village came out positive at the end of that fiscal year, so that’s a good thing. Mayor Hill said that the village has also made a lot of progress and has done a lot of improvements, so they should be proud.

Building Permits issued by Zoning Administrator, Ron Kuepker, were 206 S. Benton Street – Roof Replacement.

Clerk Leathers turned the discussion to the Illinois Municipal League’s hand out of their State House Briefing. The Illinois Policy Institute is calling for the State to eliminate the local income tax share that municipalities receive. They’ve tried doing this before, and the Illinois Municipal League is a huge ally of municipalities, and they have people who lobby for the opposite. Leathers said out of the total income tax that the state of Illinois collects, 8% of that is allocated to every municipality in Illinois. She said if they do away with it all together, it’s really going to hit towns hard. Leathers said on the other hand, the Illinois Municipal League is supporting that they increase the local government distributive funds by at least 2%. It will be interesting to see how well they do in the weeks to come. Clerk Leathers said they do well with keeping the council informed, and she has copies of this information is anyone is interested.

Clerk Leathers turned the discussion to another item that was handed out to the council, that’s called the Monitor. A lot of times, local items will appear in the Monitor. This time it discussed Highway 30 and trying to make it a 4-way from Iowa, into Illinois from Morrison. Mayor Hill said they’ve discussed trying to do this now for years.

Clerk Leathers then began telling the council about how there are mobile water treatment centers now available. There are water treatment centers available for those affected by a flood. They’ll get a unit where it’s needed, and within 7 hours they can start putting out fresh, clean water. Clerk Leathers said it’s been used in Texas, after heavy rains and a local lake washed out. Once the unit was in place they had fresh water within 7 hours. That’s very awesome for a portable unit.

Bills were ordered paid on a motion by Commissioner Hill and seconded by Commissioner Meier. “Yes” votes were Hill, Meier and Mayor Hill. The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM. The next regular meeting of the Tampico Village Council will be Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Reagan Community Center located at 202 W. Second Street.

Kathy A. Leathers

Kristine L. Hill


**These minutes are not official until signed, dated and sealed by the Village Clerk**

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